by Gigi

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Genise Jenne

Genise was a customer of Gigi and after not feeling well.

Genise went to see her doctor and found out the she had a brain tumor. She taught it might be do to a chemical product that she was using to get the hair straight that she use for a long time.

Talking with Gigi, they conclude that it might be do to the chemical Formahdehyde in the product she was using.

She had the operation and lost her hair and had big bald spots. She did not konw she would grow her hair back.  She started to use the Capillary Treatment and she recovered her hair in the bald areas.  This process took about 6 months after the operation.


” A year ago I had surgery and had to shave my head, and I was very scared that the hair wouldn’t grow back. I was lucky I met Gigi and her wonderful Capillary treatment. We did this treatment for two months and I’m very very happy with the results.  The hair grew back and even looks healthier than before.

I recommend her treatment Capillary.”