by Gigi

The Best Hair Regrowth System since 1991

What is the capillary system?

The capillary system is a system that I have developed over the years that helps to get the desire results with hair growth,  hair management and great looking hair.  It is simple, just a 4 step process and very easy to start using, but it needs consistency from the client.

It consists of shampooing your hair with the Capillary Shampoo, then you use the Capillary Lotion, followed by our laser treatment and finally a simple maintenance routine at home.

The most important part of growing your hair, is what you do on your own. This is why my Capillary System is very easy to use with proved results.

The concept of Capillary is what helped me grow my hair and hundreds of customers during all these years in Brazil, several countries and the United States.  What people like about capillary is that it is a very easy system to used on a daily basis without major complications or extra labor. The customers like the honesty of my product. It does what I say it does.  

Natural Brazilian herbs and 100% safe with no side effects.



Why is the capillary lotion important?

The hard part of re-growing hair is stimulating the hair follicles with nutrients and oxygen.  This is how the natural Capillary lotion helps you re-grow your hair; the herbs in the formula penetrate and stimulate the hair follicles. 

Capillary is a combination of Brazilian herbs, vitamins, spices, roots and tea, that when apply in your scalp is safe. There are no side effects because no harmful ingredients are in the formula, it only contains natural ingredients.


The lotion penetrates the scalp deep to stimulate the blood stream to get better circulation and this will help the hairs to grow naturally.  As you start to apply it you will notice that it leaves the scalp and hair healthy and shiny; after just a few weeks of continuous use you will notice that your hair will feel stronger which is just one of many benefits.